quinta-feira, 27 de julho de 2017

                                                                The Rodrigo and his friend Rafael

The Rodrigo was a boy who had 12 years and who lived in a small village which was called pinion.
He had a great friend whose name was Raphael, who was 14 years old and who lived in the Algarve.
Every year when the Rodrigo had the school, he would spend the summer home of Raphael, and was going to kill me from the beach, because in Pinhão there was no beach, the nearest beach is 60 km away from where he lived.
The Summer House of Rafael was situated right next to the beach which was very good, because they could spend all day on the beach.
He loved to play with the Rafael, because he was a close friend of him and because he was also very playful and funny.
They agreed very early, because they wanted to go very early to the beach, and also because they wanted to go for a swim.
They liked much area on the beach. In the morning they used to make sand castles, and while they were waiting to go to water,gathered their meat shells because the Rodrigo liked to collect shells.
After soaking shells used to eat lunch early because they wanted to go to the water too early.
When they had lunch would normally eat an ice cream, because both were too greedy.
Then when they were waiting to go to water was usually they get to rest a little, because the afternoon would have many adventures.
In the afternoon they liked a lot of playing cards, playing with the soccer ball.
When the sun began to arrive they went though back home because the next day was going to be full of other adventures.

Life Lesson: No, and we are far away from each other that we will be friends, and we also enjoy all the moments of life, as if they were our last.

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