sexta-feira, 9 de dezembro de 2016

                                                      Mr Anibal and the James

It was an old man who was called Hannibal had 78 years, who lived in a small village.
Mr Hannibal lived alone because his wife had already died, and the rest of his family was overseas.
And the only friend he had was a boy named James, who was ten years old.
When you get out of the school the James would always have the house of the Lord, Hannibal, where it was all afternoon to keep company.
The two were entertained all afternoon.
The James told jokes and riddles to Mr Hannibal, while Mr Hannibal taught James to play Chess and checkers.
One day when he came home he asked a question the mother.
Mother think you can bring the Lord Hannibal home, because he is there alone, and here he have more company.
The mother said that he could be, but first they had to go speak with the Lord Hannibal for asked if he wanted to come to their house.
The next day the mother was seeking the James for school, then you were both the house of the Lord, Hannibal.
When they were arriving at the foot of the door they saw that the Lord Hannibal was there window, there are hopes that James would come.
Mr Hannibal opened soon the door and said:
Good Afternoon James today come with your mother.
I yes, I and my mother have a question for you.
Mr Hannibal would like to come and live in our house as here is a lot of time alone, there in our house have much company and thus is also more time with James, what and think.
Yes you can be the Lord said Hannibal.
The next day early in the morning before going to the James is the mother was seeking the Lord Hannibal. 
Mr Hannibal got the rest of his life happy and stayed at home of James.

Life Lesson: We should be helping the older because this time the Lord was Hannibal who needed help for the next we can be ourselves.

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