terça-feira, 29 de novembro de 2016

                                                               Joseph and his family

Once upon a time Joseph and his family, who live in a village near Estremoz.
His family was very poor and could not give many toys to Joseph because he had many economic difficulties.
The Joseph understood but sometimes felt sad because in the playground at school their friends had always many toys and he rarely had toys, many times was the interval within the room to design alone.
But one day that changed, because the Andrew who was one of his classmates noticed that Joseph was always sad and you never had toys because it had many financial difficulties.
In this day when the Father of Andrew was the search for the school, Andrew asked for one thing father.
Asked his father if he could get a job to the father and mother of Joseph, because they live with many financial difficulties and father of Andrew said that he had a lack of employees and told the son that would arrange a meeting with the parents of Joseph.
The following day the father of Andrew was by the André, when we arrived there is school to go by the André, saw parents of Joseph and decided to just get in touch with them.
The first thing the Father Andrew asked the parents of Joseph was if they were looking for employment, parents of Joseph said they were looking but had difficulty in finding employment.
I was the father of Andrew asked if they wanted to go to work for the plant it, parents of Joseph accepted soon all excited, the father of Andrew asked if they could go into the following morning to deal with everything.

The lesson of history: Just a simple gesture to change the life of someone, and we must help to others because we do not know the future.

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