domingo, 9 de outubro de 2016

                                                             The Joel and your Balloon
There once was a boy named Joel who was four years old, he loved balloons.
One day when the Joel and his mother were to coffee, Joel noticed that the coffee had a role, this role was that it would be a fun fair at the end of the week.
The Joel very enthusiastic asked the mother if they could go to fun fair at the weekend the mother said that if he wanted to go had to carry as well.
The days were passing and the Joel continued to behave very well, until he helped her mother by the bureau, helped also to clean the house.
When we arrived the weekend, the mother woke up early in the morning the Joel, then when Joel came out of bed took breakfast, I could notice that Joel was very enthusiastic.
After they went home, but to leave home they notice that the weather was getting very weird.
So they decided to go to the car.
When i arrived they saw that it was a lot of people at the fair, and Joel asked the mother if she could go cycling in the bag the mother said he could go but that had to be very careful.
After half an hour the mother was calling the Joel because he had been there a long time, and also were already almost hours to go home because the mother had to prepare lunch.
The Joel when he arrived at the foot of the mother wanted to ask one more thing. The mother asked him what he wanted.
The Joel wanted to ask mother if I could buy a red balloon, the mother said yes, and so were the two buy the red balloon.
After having bought the flask, the mother told Joel that had to go because it was to do later.
The boy was all happy because I had purchased your balloon.

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