sexta-feira, 8 de julho de 2016

                                                          The Rabbit, Fox and the Hare

Once upon a time there was a fox and a rabbit, they were great friends.
But one day the rabbit was in your backyard to harvest carrots for your dinner,and suddenly the fox saw that the rabbit was to harvest the carrots and stealthily,and when he saw that the rabbit was very amused to take carrots preached him a huge scare.
The Rabbit gasped too that until he dropped the basket of carrots in the ground,from that day the rabbit was very upset with him and never wanted to speak with the fox.
The days were passing and the hare who was a friend of the two was already tired of seeing them upset, and one day decided that he had to do something,i had to put an end to the discussion of the fox and the Hare, which already has lasted two weeks.
She decided to create a plan for the join,so she decided to write a message and this message she asked the fox to meet her the next day by the Lake,after he sent a message to the rabbit to ask if he could meet up with her next to the lake.
Then it was by the letters in the mailbox of each one of them, the late afternoon the rabbit and the fox were your mailbox and were amazed, because when they opened the box of mail they met with a letter.
When they read the letter decided that they would have with the Hare the next day at the Lake, The Fox and the Rabbit were very curious because they didn't know what the hare wanted to speak with them.
The next day when they arrived at the lake were surprised because they did not see the hare, then when they saw that there were only two and they realized that the hare would not have with them, they decided that they should no longer be upset because they were great friends and that they would continue to be upset.
Then the Rabbit asked the fox if she wanted to go to lunch at his house and told him that the eat was soup of carrot, which was the favorite soup of the fox, the fox as i had the belly to give hours decided to accept.
But the Rabbit asked the fox if she could help him to prepare the soup of carrots, The Fox decided to help. The first thing they did was to go pick the carrots to the backyard of the rabbit because they would need carrots to make the soup.
Finally when the soup was cool because it was very hot, The Fox and the rabbit decided by the Bureau, then as the soup was less hot decided to begin eating the soup.
After they finished eating the soup decided that they would visit the Hare, because I wanted to thank you because it was thanks to her that they returned to being friends, because if it were the hare they would upset.
When they reached the house of the Hare, thanked him soon she was very happy because he thought that it made sense no they are angry because they have always been great friends. 
At the end were all happy and stayed friends forever and never again be angry.

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